We are Vegan Student Association Eindhoven. Whether you’re a life long vegan, or just veg-curious, everyone is welcome to our community. With events ranging from potlucks and cooking workshops, to clean-ups and bouldering sessions, there is something for everyone.

Open To All Veg-Curious Students

We organize fun activities, educate on veganism, and form a supportive community where you can meet new friends and ask questions. We strive to making veganism easier, both on campus and in the rest of Eindhoven. Not vegan yet? No problem, you’re welcome!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

3nd Board (2023-2024)

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What our members are saying…

I love that when hanging out with other VSA members I don’t even have to think twice about whether the food or drinks are vegan! Also, it’s great to have people in my life that are just as enthusiastic about new vegan food in the supermarkets as me haha. Overall the vibe is great 10/10 would recommend.
Board member 2021-2023
I love the wide range of activities offered by VSA Eindhoven, from cooking workshops and potlucks to sports activities and drinks. There are always interesting people to meet, and I learned a lot from people sharing their experiences and perspectives on veganism, sustainability and life in general. And most importantly, I really enjoy tasting everyone’s favorite dishes!
I really enjoy the activities that are both fun and sustainable! It is especially exciting to join a potluck. I’m always curious about what everyone brings and it is always surprising how varied and delicious the dishes are.
Committee Member

I didn’t know that many vegan students in Eindhoven, so I decided to join a potluck from the VSA last year. Since then I joined or organized many fun activities for this great group of people. such as bouldering, a BBQ and clean ups.
Committee Member
Hearing about VSA, I could hardly believe it was actually true! It is so nice to meet like minded people and to connect through veganism. From food, to sports or movie nights. It goes all directions and there is always something fun to do!