Our Mission

We aim to build and maintain a supportive community of vegan(-minded) students, to bring veganism to the attention of students as an effective means of helping animals and the planet, and to create a facilitating environment with the purpose of making veganism easier, more enjoyable and affordable. Furthermore, we aim to make a valuable contribution to the student culture in general, and specifically to the student culture of Eindhoven. We plan to achieve these goals through providing education, building a community and creating facilitative environments.

Providing Education

We aim to educate and inform students about veganism, the bio-industry, and the impact of veganism on health and the environment. This is achieved by organizing lectures, workshops, screenings, and providing information. By doing so, students are enabled to gain valuable information and critically assess the impact of the bio-industry. Additionally, we stimulate students to share their knowledge on these topics with others.

Building A Community

A platform is facilitated such that vegan students and students interested in veganism can meet up, exchange experiences, and support each other. A supportive community is achieved by organizing social activities and events such as potlucks, drinks and pub quizzes.

Creating Facilitative Environments

By collaborating with educational institutes, restaurants, and stores in our cities, we aim to create facilitating environments where it is easy, affordable, and enjoyable for students to choose plant-based.

Our Values


Vegan Student Association Eindhoven is registered at the Kamer van Koophandel (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) under KvK registration number 85137154.

Our bank account details are:
IBAN: NL91 TRIO 0320 4343 11
Name: VSA Eindhoven

The rules that govern our association are recorded in our statutes and our bylaws.